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The New Ridge Missions team is delighted to announce that we will be featuring the following exciting mission partners in 2024. We plan to contribute and work closely with each as they save souls and lift people up in diverse and powerful ways both locally and across the globe.

Featured Mission

Girls Raising Hands

The Missions Team is delighted to feature our first Missions Partner in April, Girls Raising Hands from Embu, Kenya.

Teenage girls from rural Kenya face daunting challenges. 80% don’t finish high school and many are victims of childhood marriages, prostitution, and poor education. Poverty is pervasive.

But Girls Raising Hands is focused on raising young women’s living standards and bringing them to Christ. Their aim is to provide girls with entrepreneurial skills, digital literacy, skills in sewing to set up small businesses, and education on healthier living all while spreading the message of salvation. Construction of a women’s empowerment center will begin in June where the goal of educating 90 women at a time will become a reality.

On April 21st, Beatrice Wangai, the founder of Girls Raising Hands will be visiting New Ridge Fellowship. She’ll be here to introduce herself and will have a table in the lobby between services. New Ridge Fellowship is blessed to support this vital ministry.

Girls Raising Hands 1.jpg


Girls Raising Hands 1.jpg


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